Sunday June 26, 2016

Thanks Obama

US getting sued over Keystone pipeline, yea we never saw that Click Here for Details

Beware the Sands?

Michigan dunes may have hidden dangers Click Here for Story

One Brighton Area Schools Administrator in Line for $58,000 Increase in Pay

   A top Brighton Area Schools administrator is slated to get a $58,000 annual raise in addition to a $121,931 base-salary and a professorial position at a college, giving her three job titles. … more

UK Government Wants to Overturn Vote of the People?

In this Friday, June 24, 2016 photo, a remain supporter stops to talk to people as he walks around with his European flag across the street from the Houses of Parliament in London. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File)  Will the BREXIT vote get overturned? Click Here for Story

Dems Keep Blaming Guns

No plans to stop terrorism but tons of work to stop 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

Resurgence of Nationalism

Borders are important for people Click Here for Details

People Can Throw Off the Elite

Corrupt politicians and their globalist allies can’t stop the people if they work at it Click Here for Story

Good Riddance

 Establishment hack elitist George Will bolts GOP Click Here for Story

There is Enough on Hillary

Indictment should be a no brainer Click Here for Details

Tough Talk from Biden

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden © Carlos Barria Tells China to control North Korea on Nukes Click Here for Story

Another Corrupt Democrat

Charlie Rangel guilty on ethics charges Click Here for Details

More Bad News for the EU?

EU founders say let UK leave and quickly Click Here for Story and Video



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