Sunday June 29, 2014

Is Bigger Necessarily Better?

Ann Arbor annexation of Whitmore Lake Schools would make it the the biggest in the state Click Here for Story

Barnstormer to Stay Closed

Appeal to open before repairs is denied Click Here for Details

Protectionism, Pets and Transportation Cartels Taken Up By The Legislature

MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Legislators have also voted on measures that affect woodstoves, Obamacare, squatters and limousines in the last couple of weeks.  … more

Blame Ourselves

Despite our complaints we the voters keep re-electing bad politicians Click Here for Details

Higher Minimum Wage=Lower Opportunity

Play video Below

Israel Underfire

95% of Heights overlooking Israel now under militant Islamist control Click Here for Story

Finally Admitting

Obama says Terrorists are gaining ground Click Here for Details

Human Trafficking

Chinese teens trafficked into US through Central America    Not all those crossing border illegally are looking for work or better life some are slaves Click Here for Story




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