Sunday June 30, 2013

German Park Kick Off

1st German Park Picnic of year celebrates 75 years Click Here for Story

Balloon Fest!

Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest lifts off Click Here for Details

Legislator, Union Want Tenured Teachers From Dissolved Districts Hired First In Other Schools

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

State Rep. David Rutledge, D-Ypsilanti, and the Michigan Education Association said teachers with the most seniority in closing districts had a right to future openings in other districts. … more

Eight More House Republicans Who Backed Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

Third in a series

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan House Republicans who voted to expand Medicaid in Michigan and move the state closer to full implementation of Obamacare defended their votes by saying they were thinking in the best interests of the state. … more

Paul Ryan Joins Traitor Marco Rubio?

In the House Congressman Paul Ryan also wants to legalize illegal aliens BEFORE securing the border. Why is there no common sense in Washington? Click Here for Story

Federal Government Out of Control

Major arrest of underage student who bought…bottled water? Click Here for Details

Could UN Treaty Affect Home Schooling

Democrats in Senate want to see it brought up again Click Here for Story

NFL Won’t Promote Obamacare?

Looking like no support from the National Football League to support Obamacare Click Here for Details

Snooping on Allies?

NSA was collecting data on The European Union Offices? Click Here for Story

Egypt on the Brink?

Protests against Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi Click Here for Details

The End of The Republican Party?

After GOP Congressman and Senators agree with Bad Immigration plicy even Sarah Palin may be ready to give up on Republicans Click Here for Story and Video

A Bad Sign?

Sell off of US Debt Holdings is scary Click Here for Details

Not So Welcome?

Anti-Obama protestors clash with Police in South Africa Click Here for Story

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