Sunday March 1, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Gets Reprieve?

Joe Biden wins the South Carolina primary Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Best Burgers

Around the state where are Michigans’s best hamburgers? Click Here for Story

Fake News Journalist

Journalist caught red handed in lie Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Teacher Pay Complicated Enough To Spin Many Narratives

Taxpayers ask a lot, pay a lot putting a teacher in front of a classroom

Don’t Buy Masks

Surgeon general: Stop buying masksSurgeon General says general population should not be buying masks for coronavirus Click Here for Details

AOC Hypocrite

Congresswoman wants to deny others school of choice but brags about getting her God Daughter into one Click Here for Details

Steyer Drops Out

Billionaire Tom Steyer gives up Presidential bid Click Here for Story

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