Sunday March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tasting Their Own Medicine

Chelsea Clinton gets a taste of Liberal wrath Click Here for Details

Climate Scam Hits U of M

Climate protesters arrested Click Here for Story

Media Ignores Slaughter of Christians

Coffins are prepared for burial during a funeral service for 17 worshippers and two priests, who were allegedly killed by Fulani herdsmen, at Ayati-Ikpayongo in Gwer East district of Benue State, north-central Nigeria on May 22, 2018. - Two Nigerian priests and 17 worshippers have been buried, nearly a month …One must ask why the murder of 49 Muslims gets so much more attention than the murder of 120 Christians Click Here for Story

Idiot Democrat

Protect kittens but NOT babies Click Here for Details

State’s Purchasing Manual Includes Unlawful Union Preference

So-called prevailing wage requirement still applies in manual; spokesman says it’s a mistake

POTUS Supports Transparency

President agrees with publishing Mueller report Click Here for Story

Yellow Vest Continues

More fires in Paris Click Here for Details

Democrats Don’t Care About Americans

Why would Dems want to count illegals in census? Click Here for Story


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