Sunday March 18, 2018


from Porn star to media darling extortionist Click Here for Story

Better Idea than Rail

AAATA looks for funding for US 23 bus line? Click Here for Details

Foreign Trade More Important To Michigan Than Any Other State

 Two University of Michigan economics professors independently reported that foreign trade plays a larger role in Michigan’s economy than in any other state in the nation. … more

Lying Media Looks to Shelter McCabe

Despite mainstream media narrative, Andrew McCabe wasn’t fired for political reasons — here’s the truthHere’s the truth why McCabe was fired by the FBI Click Here for Story

Deep State Threats

010516 Power exit memo Trump picThe Deep State and its supporters warn against trying to unseat them? Click Here for Details

Problems with Comey’s Story

A book release may not help James Comey’s legal issues Click Here for Story

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