Sunday March 30, 2014

Housing Starts Improve in Washtenaw

  Up 46% from last year Click Here for Story

Would Hune Run for Congress?

  State Senator mulls a run for vacating Roger’s Congressional seat Click Here for Story

Commentary – Agenda For Detroit: What Role State Government Should Play After Bankruptcy

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

It is not the state’s job to manage Detroit’s contracts or administer IT. The state needs to monitor the city. Are the books balanced and are city officials sticking to approved budgets? Are all contracts going through a fair bidding process? In other words, the state should make sure that Detroit abides by the state’s rules for local governments. … more

US Foreign Policy? Epic Fail

  Poor grades fro Obama Admin on Foreign Policy Click Here for Details

Battling Ebola

Guinea races to contain outbreak Click Here for Story

A Little Help for Justina’s Family

  Famous lawyer willing to help in case Click Here for Story

Budget Battle Tough for GOP

Defections during election year could pose problem Click Here for Details

Will Eric Holder Do His Job?

Michael Savage talks about whether the Justice Dept will really investigate Anti-Gun Democrat who was caught trafficking in arms Click Here for Audio

He’s Back! Excited 2 Legged Boxer Hits the Beach

Play Video to Smile

More Quakes in California

Earthquake: 4.4 quake strikes near Rowland Heights, California  Are they getting bigger? Click Here for Story

Where Does Your Electricity Come From?

Solar and wind isn’t cutting it Click Here for Details



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