Sunday March 31, 2019

Cut That Aid

State Department cutting aid to countries allowing caravans to head to US Border Click Here for Details

News Story

Whitmer Proposes $2.5 Billion Gas Tax Hike, Budgets Just $1.9 Billion More For Roads

Governor would divert other revenue away from road repairs

Wayne County Doubling Down On Forfeiture As Legislature Moves To Reform It

County’s ‘Operation Push-Off’ seized 2,600 vehicles, collected $1.2 million from owners, many never charged

Georgia Stands for Saving Babies

Pro=life bill passes despite outcries from the left Click Here for Story

Democrats Turn on Mueller

He didn’t give them what they wanted Click Here for Details and Video


Claims against touchy Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Zuckerberg Control Freak?

Wants more government control over the internet Click Here for Story

Subpoena From Swalwell?

Threats to subpoena full and un-redacted Mueller report Click Here for Details



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