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Happy Mother’s Day!

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It’s Happening?

IG report will show Carter Page FISA extensions were illegally obtained? Click Here for Details

The Problem With Government-Run Internet is the Government-Run Part

Traverse City Light & Power should focus on other issues

Truth About the Latest Shooting

Shooters were anti-Trump, Gay , Transgender and the son of an Illegal? Click Here for Details

FBI Story Falling Apart

The truth about the Steele Dossier is coming out Click Here for Story

Iran: Real Threats or Just Bluffing?

US preps for problems either way Click Here for Details

Rich and Poor in this City of Hypocrisy

While homelessness, drugs and feces increase in San Francisco it now has the most billionaires Click Here for Story

When Will the GOP Get a Backbone?

Senator Burr’s subpoena of Don Trump Jr is another bow to the Democrat scammers? Click Here for Details


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