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You’re Joking Right?

5 Takeaways From Obama's Susan Rice Appointment : It's All ...

Susan Rice wants to be Vice President? Click Here for Story

Hearing on Whitmer’s EO

Judge hears arguments on the suit against Governor’s Executive Order Click Here for Story

And the Phony Statistics Continue?

New York admits to changing data on Covid again Click Here for Details

Contact Someone With COVID-19? Go Into Quarantine For 14 Days

And the government won’t tell you who it was

Pelosi’s Pork

Humdrum - Nancy Pelosi - Mug | TeePublic

House passes a $3 Trillion special interest and pork package Click Here for Details

Another Small Business ‘Dream’ Crushed By State Lockdown

Hastings musical instrument shop latest to close nullC

Its Called Facts…

President right , Media wrong again over reasoning for number of confirmed cases Click Here for Story

Can The WHO Get Their Funding Back?

Reports say the US may restore funding Click Here for Details

When Government Fails

3 of 5 biggest Covid outbreaks were in Government Nursing Homes Click Here for Story

Unused Test Kits?

LA has surplus going unused Click Here for Story

Critic or Seditionist?

Obama Criticizes Virus Response in Online Graduation Speech

Former President who spied on his predecessor now tries to undermine on Corona crisis Click Here for Story

Flip Flopping Fauci

The Left’s superstar on Covid has been wrong repeatedly Click Here for Story

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