Sunday May 24, 2015

Not Happy About School Funds

Ann Arbor taxpayers are a donor group when it comes to state funding Click Here for Story

Be Careful on the Roads and Water

More police will be out to enforce laws and safety this Memorial Day Click Here for Details

The Government Incentive to Seize Property

    One police chief in the U.S. called seized property “pennies from heaven.” The Mackinac Center for Public Policy held a forum that included the ACLU and a Ann Arbor state representative discussing abuses of asset forfeiture. … more

Eating Their Own?

Photo - Blood collection workers picket in front of the American Red Cross in Cleveland. (AP)  Unions cut benefits to their members citing new government law Click Here for Story


Image source: Twitter/Fiery Red Head   Professional Sports Team doesn’t want to stand with police?   Click Here for Details

The Worst of Government?

  EPA looks to overreach on control of waterways? Click Here for Story

Bad Timing?

Syrian refugees on the run, displaced by the 5-year-old civil war.  Group of Democrast louis cardinals t US Senators ask Obama to mring in more Muslims from war torn Syria Click Here for Details

Earthquake Facts and Fiction

  With San Andres hitting theaters you might want to know the facts Click Here for Story

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