Sunday May 4, 2014

Good Riddance

Affirmative action was just racial discrimination Click Here for Editorial

Millages on Ballot

Pinckney and Hartland voters to decide on funding Click Here for Story

Everyone Should Have an Opportunity to Prosper

Regulations often hinder people from work

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Often, the most important thing the government can do is simply not hinder people who are trying to start their own businesses or get hired for jobs. Occupational licensing — mandating fees, classes, training and more for someone to hold a job — mostly serves to protect some people and businesses from competition. … more

Future of the GOP?

Nebraska race may set the direction for where Republican party will go Click Here for Details

Making an Excuse

   Kremlin says Russians in Ukraine are begging for help Click Here for Story

Religion of War Mongers

Imam calls for destruction of Israel Click Here for Details

Called on Carpet?

  Issa demands that the Secretary of State testify Click Here for Story

Democratic War on Women?

   Obama economy sets new record for women NOT in the workforce Click Here for Story

No Deportations?

  What exactly was VP Biden saying? Click Here for Story and Video

We Sent Money Where? For What?

$341 million to Swaziland and $24 Million was spent on ...Click Here for Details


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