Sunday November 22, 2015

Looking for New City Manager

Brighton looks for new City Manager Click Here for Details

How People Are Prosecuted For Breaking Laws They Don’t Know Exist

Michigan has over 3,000 felonies and misdemeanors on the books – far more than the average resident could possibly remember. Many of them cover actions such as “transporting Christmas trees without a manifest” or burning grass clippings or leaves in certain areas. … more

Obama the Hypocrite

Labor Union sees Obama for what he truly is Click Here for Details

Sometimes He Makes Sense

Bill Maher hits Islam supporter hard Click Here for Story

What Does a Muslim Majority Look Like?

 First US city with Muslim city council Click Here for Details

Uncaring President

Obama silent on American deaths overseas Click Here for Story

Chinese Troops Training in America?

Odd? You would think so Click Here for Details

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