Sunday November 24, 2013

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Michigan Fumbles Again

  Loses to Iowa Click Here for Details

Michigan Says Yes, Insurers Say No

  State of Michigan approves Obama fix of allowing insurance companies to sell non-compliant policies but Blue Cross and HAP say no Click Here for Story

Commentary: More Money, Higher Taxes Not the Solution for Detroit

Left-leaning group wants state bailout, higher taxes for city

By James M. Hohman and Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of mIch Cap Con

The state of Michigan has been bailing out Detroit for years and it’s only delayed the problems. In fact, Detroit gets favors from the state of Michigan that no other city receives, and the state has made these rules to try to get the city more revenue to deal with its problems. … more

Trapping Students

Easy student loans are enslaving our children Click Here for Details

Obama’s Iran Deal

  6 month deal reached but is it just another Iranian ruse to buy time? Click Here for Story

Rejecting Obama

   9th State rejects Obama’s fix of his own Obamacare problem Click Here for Details

Liberal Bashes Obama

Obamacare last straw for liberal dissatisfied with the Obama Admin Click Here for Commentary

You Get What You Voted For

  Dems emboldened by Nuke Option in Senate will begin ramming more of their agenda through Click Here for Details

More Regulations Coming

   The door is now open Click Here for Story

China Flexes Its Muscles

Creates air defence shield over disputed islands Click Here for Details

When The Pros Don’t Like It…

   ICE Union President wants to talk Mark Zuckerberg about immigration reform lobbying Click Here for Story



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