Sunday November 4, 2018

Deep State Candidates

Former CIA workers like Spanberger in Virgina and Slotkin in Michigan look to take out GOP candidates Click Here for Story

Huge Win for U of M

Lots of scoring by the Wolverines against Penn State Click Here for Details

Campaign Season, And More Taxpayer-Funded Tax-Hike Electioneering

This time it’s Schoolcraft College advocating with public resources

Beto Law Breaking?

Video shows Texas Democrats Senate candidate’s campaign is funding the migrant caravan Click Here for Story

Immigration and Security Are A Priority

Can this issue put GOP over the top on Tuesday? Click Here for Details

Protecting the Border

Military laying down Barbwire in advance of caravans Click Here for Story

The Violent Democrats

Synagogue attack (Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty)Latest Synagogue vandal is a Democrat activist Click Here for Details


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