Sunday October 29, 2017

Dem Collusion?

Dems now openly admitting they colluded with Russia? Click Here for Story

Close Coal Plants, Open Gas Plants, DTE Gets 10 Percent Profit Either Way

 Michigan’s largest electric utility has imposed three major rate increases totaling $597.5 million on its 2.2 million customers since 2011, while also posting $3.8 billion in cumulative profits since 2012. … more

Media Nothing Burger

Is there anything to the alleged Mueller investigation indictment? Click Here for Story

Tax Reform

How quick can GOP move on tax reform? Click Here for Details

Unaccounted For…

Most Americans who have joined ISIS are still unaccounted for? Click Here for Story

Media in Collusion

CNN tied to GPS Fusion group Click Here for Details

Idiot Media

Says LGBT conservatives are troubling? Click Here for Story

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