Sunday September 23, 2018

More Illegals Than Thought

Border Wall Reality CheckNew study says there maybe almost 30 million illegals in the US Click Here for Story

FCC Chairman Denounces State, Local Obstacles To Faster Internet 

‘You need to have a consistent policy … at the federal level’

What Now?

4th and final witness to Christine Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh says she wasn’t even there Click Here for Story

If Not Playing for the Team Get Out

Pompeo on Rosenstein bombshell: Maybe you just ought to find something else to do if you can't be on the teamSecretary of State Pompeo says if you’re not on the Trump Team you don’t belong in Administration Click Here for Details

Speaking Civil?

Mexico’s incoming President has no intention of sparring with Trump Click Here for Story

Good News

Green Cards denied to those who expect aid Click Here for Story


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