Sunday September 3, 2017


Traitorous US Senator John “Tokyo Rose” McCain bad mouthing US President overseas Click Here for Story and Video

City Hassles Homeowners Doing Airbnb Rentals, Legislature May Come To Rescue

  A struggle between a group of committed property owners and city officials over whether to allow home sharing in Holland could soon be decided regardless of what the city decides to do. … more

Shutting Down Climate Scammers

Scientist shuts down climate change alarmists with new report about Hurricane HarveyScientist demolishes claims that man made global warming cause Hurricane Harvey Click Here for Details

Can GOP Avoid Stupidity on Tax Reform?

Will they get anything done or fall apart? Click Here for Story

This IS America

In Houston there is no hate just people helping each other Click Here for Details

Italian Invasion

Sardinia is under full invasion of unreported illegals Click Here for Story

President Supports Victims of Harvey

Even lib media can’t say much about President’s hard work and attention on Hurricane Harvey disaster Click Here for Story


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