Sunday September 30, 2018

Party Date?

Is there a party that might be part of the Ford Kavanaugh alleged incident? Click Here for Story

Report Ranks Schools By Lowest Resident Enrollment, Minus Key Fact

How good are the schools abandoned by parents who use public school choice?

Not There

Christine Ford’s friend who was allegedly at party where Kavanaugh assault occurred speaks outChristine Ford’s friend says she was NOT at party Click Here for Details

Ebola is Back

Rebel attacks threaten to help Ebola spread across borderWar could make it spread Click Here for Story

Dirty Maxine

IP address that doxxed Senate Republicans is tied to Maxine Water’s office? Click Here for Details

How Could She NOT Know?

Senator Graham wants to know why MS Ford did not know about Senate offer to come to her Click Here for Story

Make Feinstein Testify

Who leaked Ford’s letter Click Here for Details

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