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Merry Christmas

Christmas Explosion

Car bomb goes off Christmas morning in Nashville Click Here for Story

Threats to Stop the Truth?

Dominion and others accused of election fraud threaten suits to stop the investigators Click Here for Details

Government Leaders On COVID Rules: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

People will notice

The Stupidity of Student Debt Forgiveness

What about all those who paid for their debts and schooling? Click Here for Details

Michigan Not Exceptional: Recent COVID Trend Same As Neighboring States

Facts don’t support Whitmer’s ‘very different experience’ claim Read more

McCarthy The King of Bad Optics?

House GOP stands against $2000 Covid checks? Click Here for Details

Strange Bedfellows ?

Ilhan Omar on the same page as POTUS for a clean Covid bill Click Here for Story

Warning From a Kennedy

Robert Kennedy Jr has a warning about the Authoritarian Surveillance State  Click Here for Details

The Harris Admin

Joe and Kamala will bring California government to the entire country Click Here for Story

The Real Viral Threat

Its politicians and government policies that are hurting the world not Covid Click Here for Story

Just Slightly Suspicious?

Russian scientist working on Covid vaccine falls out of window was stabbed Click Here for Story

Tied At The Hip

Over reaching Big Tech will have a big part in the Biden Harris Admin Click Here for Story

Brexit Done?

Did this last minute deal seal the Brexit Breakup? Click Here for Details

Presidential Pardons

26 new pardons from President Trump Click Here for Story

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