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Crisis Joe

Biden claims crisis after crisis to push his big government spending plans Click Here for Story

Democrat Testifies: Boosted Unemployment Benefits Still Can Pay More Than Work

Hearing focused on another epidemic sweetener, no work-search requirement to get jobless benefits

Thank Goodness Michigan Officials Ignored CDC Head’s April 12 Call For Lockdown

She was wrong Read more

Confused Republican Elites …

Once again they don’t understand Trump supporters Click Here for Story

More Big Government Stupidity

Bans on menthol cigarettes? Click Here for Story

Will He??

Will Trump start MAGA rallies again in bid for 2024 run? Click Here for Details

The Full Racist Left

Dems and media go full on racist against Senator Tim Scott Click Here for Story

Feckless Foreign Policy

Appeasement and weakness is not a good policy for foreign relations Click Here for Story

This IS Socialism

If you pay people to stay home they won’t take available jobs Click Here for Details

Typical Democrat Corruption?

Energy Secretary Granholm to cash in on Biden Admin’s spending? Click Here for Story


The Democrats power grab of H.R. 1 would violate the Constitution on several counts Click Here for Details

Investigate Kerry

John Kerry’s actions deserve a full investigation Click Here for Story

Fraudulent Polling?

MSM is covering for a faltering Biden Click Here for Story

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