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Criminalizing The Second Amendment

Joe Biden's Next Big Decision: Choosing A Running Mate | Voice of America -  English

Biden Executive Order is a huge slap at legal gun owners Click Here for Details

New Hampshire To Audit

Big win against election fraud in New Hampshire Click Here for Story

UK Variant In Just 0.02% Of Michigan’s COVID Cases; WaPo Blames It For Current Surge

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Border Crisis Smashing Records

Biden’s border mishandling is breaking records for illegals crossing into US Click Here for Details

Experts Have Answers For Michigan’s COVID Spike, But Nothing Definite

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Well Done West Virginia

W. Virginia AG says he’ll sue the Biden Admin over gun rules Click Here for Story


Is Matt Gaetz being set up ? Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh

Vaccination site shut down after adverse reactions to J and J vaccine Click Here for Story

Did YOU Get Covid Stimulus Money?

Well New York is giving illegals a lot of it Click Here for Details

Fake News 60 Minutes

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).  (Getty Images)

Even Democrats are calling out 60 Minutes for its intentionally false story on Governor DeSantis Click Here for Story

Not Requiring Voter ID is Ridiculous


Rep Walker says if people don’t have ID they should be helped to get it Click Here for Details

Where IS the Mask Science?

Science is more of media push than real science Click Here for Story

Feds Guilty of Allowing Child Abuse?

Child abuse is running rampant at the border Click Here for Details


President Biden Faces Challenge From Surge of Migrants at the Border - The  New York Times

Biden Admin wants to blame the Trump Admin for the border crisis even though they have promoted illegals to come? Click Here for Story

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