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GOP Leadership Battle?

Stephanie Grace: What Kevin McCarthy's woes say about Steve Scalise's  future | Columnist Stephanie Grace |

Who will run the House if Republicans take over in 2023 Click Here for Story

The Black Rock Problem

Too much power even in the private financial system is dangerous Click Here for Details

Will We See FBI Corruption on Video?

Confirmations coming that security cameras at Mar-A-Lago were not turned off and may have caught illegal activity by FBI raiders? Click Here for Story

Economic War

There may not be bullets flying but this war is real Click Here for Details

Why IS Biden Admin Endangering America’s Strategic Oil Reserves?

The supply is meant for emergencies and war time why is team Biden emptying it? Click Here for Story

The IRS Will Be Armed…And Dangerous?

IRS ads for new agents requiring them to be armed and ready to use Click Here for Details

Abuse of Power

Under the Biden Admin the abuse of power by Federal authorities is skyrocketing Click Here for Story

Has the FBI Planted Listening Devices on Trump Property?

Was part of the raid at Mar-A-Lago designed to get FBI listening devices installed to spy on Trump? Click Here for Details

Guess Who Will Get Audited by the New 87,000 IRS Agents?

You in the middle class that’s who Click Here for Story

No 2nd Amendment for Marijuana Users?

Biden Admin is using every technique to limit gun ownership? Click Here for Story

Vaccine Data Is Getting Worrisome

Pfizer documents and world data is showing something disturbing Click Here for Story

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