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Good News from the Middle East

Israel and UAE come to peace agreement Click Here for Story

No One Talks About This
Possible Covid Remedy

Why are alternatives being discusses and hidden from the Public? Click Here for Details

More Bad News from the Past

Harris has more explaining to do after not prosecuting sex abuse case Click Here for Story

Virus Killed 2,021 In Nursing Homes; Whitmer Defends Not Letting Them Bar COVID Patients

Average age of Michigan coronavirus fatalities is 75.4 years

Mob Mentality

Lack of respect for basic laws is making violence increase Click Here for Story

Some Sanity At Last?

Scott Atlas joins coronavirus task force Click Here for Details

School District And Superintendent Both Get More —But Not Enough, He Says

Wayne County district gets $862 more per student more than in 2010; his after-inflation since 2014 is 4.6%

The Military Question

Where does the military stand on politics? Click Here for Story

Turkey and Greece at Odds

France sends forces to help? Click Here for Details

In Her Own Words

Watch Kamala Harris attack the man she now supports Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Unilateral Governance Opposed By More Than Just Trump Supporters

About two dozen lawsuits filed against Michigan governor by a variety of interests

The Crazy Kamala

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who backs the LGBTQ agenda, including allowing biological males to play on real female sports teams.

The mainstream media won’t tell you but Kamala Harris has some really looney and dangerous ideas Click Here for Story

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