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Make the FBI Answer for Its Corruption

FBI-Sexual Misconduct

Why does the FBI investigate non-crimes by conservatives but ignores actual crimes by liberals? Click Here for Details

Destroying Our Economy…On Purpose

Why are Democrats seemingly intending to tank the US economy Click Here for Story

CPAC scorecard: Michigan lawmakers least conservative in Midwest

How do your lawmakers rate? Read more

Coral Reefs Doing Much Better?

Despite climate crisis scams the oceans coral reefs seem to be improving? Click Here for Details

Voters approve $30M in debt for Holland broadband proposal

Past public internet projects have left taxpayers on the hook

Fighting Back Against Lawless AGs

FL Governor Ron DeSantis suspends Soros funded prosecutor who is not enforcing laws in Florida Click Here for Details

Can They Get Any Dirtier?

FBI still hunting Jan. 6 suspects, pipe bomber a year later

FBI supervisor who ran the phony Whitmer kidnapping is behind the J 6th sham investigation Click Here for Story

Payback for Manchin

Pet project is Joe Manchin’s reward for helping the Democrats increase inflation? Click Here for Story

Yes Virginia, It WILL Make Inflation Worse?

Once again the Democrats pass a bill that won’t deliver what it promises it will do the opposite Click Here for Story

Bad Bed Fellows?

New York Times is awful close to China Click Here for Story

Arizona’s 3rd World Election

Modern technology and bad election rules are making American elections worse than 3rd world countries Click Here for Details

Words Don’t Match Actions

Biden Admin says they won’t allow Iran to have nuclear weapons but their actions are enabling them Click Here for Story

Not So Cool After All?

Democrat Cities not sp supportive of illegal immigration after they begin to get flooded with illegal migrants Click Here for Details

Fauci and NIH Hiding Info on Gain of Function Research?

It looks more and more like the NIH and Fauci funded the Covid virus? Click Here for Story

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