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Speaker Pelosi Goes Full Ostrich

Says she has no concerns about Eric Swalwell’s China spy connection Click Here for Details

Pennsylvania What?

Pennsylvania House of Reps joins Texas Lawsuit … against Pennsylvania Click Here for Details

More Peace in the Middle East

Trump Admin gets another win on foreign policy Click Here for Details

Dominion Will Testify in Michigan?

Allegedly Dominion has agree to appear before Michigan Senate Click Here for Story

‘Science Settled’ On Indoor Dining? 


Spontaneous pay it forward happens at Dairy Queen Click Here for Story

State Health Department Head Blames Residents For High COVID Numbers

But nearby states show similar pattern even without strict lockdownsRead more

Obama’s Third Term

Biden appointment choices look like a continuation of the Obama Era Click Here for Story

Good News for the Young

Less than 1% of Covid deaths are for people under 34 years of age Click Here for Details

Election Interference

Jack Dorsey testifies remotely

Big social media is already working for Democrats in Georgia runoff Click Here for Story

Sleeping with the Enemy

The Democrats Are in Bed with China, Literally

Democrats are literally in bed with China Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

States and Feds suing Facebook Click Here for Details


Corruption so massive it could trigger a break up of the USA? Exactly what the globalists want Click Here for Story

CNN Knew

Corrupted election was investigated by CNN in 2017 Click Here for Details

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