The News YOU Need to Know Friday December 4, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Georgia Election Fraud

Suitcases of fraudulent ballots? Click Here for Story and Video

Anti-Abortion Approved?

Some of the new Covid vaccines don’t involve fetal abortion cells Click Here for Story

Still Think Twitter is Pro-America

Twitter hires communist Chinese Click Here for Details

State Pulls More Liquor Licenses, Encourages Individuals To Report COVID Violators

The Steal Is On

Stacy Abrams behind group trying to register dead people to vote Click Here for Story

Whitmer Says ‘Don’t Travel,’ State Agency Spends Tax Dollars Encouraging It

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Make the Deal

POTUS says he will sign a Covid bill if Congress can agree to one Click Here for Details

Open YOUR Eyes Lindsey

lindsey graham sits in judicial hearing

Lindsey Graham tells Trump team to prove the fraud? Click Here for Details

Democrat Corruption Policy

Why is election fraud so prevalent in Democrat run areas ? Click Here for Story

LA Lock Down

Mayor Garcetti wants to cancel everything Click Here for Details

Not Welcome

Never Trumpers should never be welcomed back by mainstream conservatives Click Here for Story

Can Arizona Lawmakers Make a Difference ?

Outrage after the extent of fraud is revealed Click Here for Details

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