The News YOU Need to Know Friday February 19, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump to CPAC?

President has been invited to Conservative conference Click Here for Story

Bad Education

Critical Race Theory should NOT be taught to children Click Here for Details

Texas Energy Crisis a Warning for Michigan

New generation facilities should be reliable Read more

Perseverance Lands on Mars

NASA does it again Click Here for Story and Video

Federal Bill Would Force Tens of Thousands in Michigan Back Into Unions

You’ll have to pay union dues as a condition of employment in many workplaces (government workers excepted) Read more

Immigrants First

Biden and Democrats move to bring in new voters for their party Click Here for Story

More Detroit School District Students Chronically Absent Than Not

54.1% were absent last school year, down from previous years Read more

Now Its Important?

Republicans abandoned the 2020 election fraud fight but now want to investigate Click Here for Details

Big Tech Bad

Media and Big Tech pushing socialism along with the left Click Here for Story

Australia Vs Facebook

Australia ready to regulate Facebook Click Here for Details

UN Hypocrisy

Says US is responsible for slavery reparations while its own members allow slavery to this day Click Here for Details

Cuomo the Mobster

NY Governor threatens NY lawmaker Ron Kim Click Here for Story

Open Door

Biden will give Amnesty to 11 million illegals Click Here for Details

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