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The Ignorance of Those Afflicted with TDS

Voters who support Nikki Haley are either self destructive liberals or others afflicted with a hate of Trump stoked by the media and the left Click Here for Story

Politicized Corruption At The IRS?

Another undercover op brings the IRS under scrutiny for playing politics and abusing citizens’ Constitutional rights Click Here for Details

Slippery slope: State board members warn against homeschool registry

Two members offer pushback at plan, warn of unstated dangers

Trump’s Short List?

Who are the possible VP candidates for a Trump Presidency? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s new growth plan: Open homes to refugees

Sponsors are expected to help refugees find housing, jobs and schooling Read more

Cellphone Outage

Thursday morning outage was it hackers or something else? Click Here for Story

AI Is Just a Super Sophisticated Computer Program…

Woke Google AI portrays asian founding father

And now its quite obvious it was programmed by woke liberals with a distaste for white people Click Here for Story

Why IS Mitch McConnell Supporting the Open Border?

One has to ask why Senate Minority leader won’t proceed with an Impeachment Trial of DHS Secretary Mayorkas Click Here for Story

Banks Realize The Climate Scam Isn’t What They Were Told?

In the end banks are supposed to make money not political agendas Click Here for Details

The Ukraine Conflict Can End But It Takes Negotiations…

And the UN, Western Europe and Joe Biden aren’t even trying Click Here for Story

Ignoring SCOTUS and Buying Votes

Joe Biden speaking

Biden is trying to buy student votes by forgiving college loans problem is the people who paid their loans or never took them have to pay for it Click Here for Details

Biden’s Open Border Plan Is Working…

This is not a mistake Biden and the Democrats want new uneducated voters Click Here for Story

The Reward for Hamas?

Biden is about ready to give Hamas a big prize for murdering Israelis Click Here for Story

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