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The Pandemic Lie?

Why is China not locking down on New Years but the rest of the world is? Click Here for Story

Another Phony Conservative

Senator Ben Sasse wants Republicans and Americans to ignore election fraud and take what the Democrats dish out Click Here for Story

Thanks Whitmer

Governor’s veto could cause some Michiganders to lose 6 weeks of unemployment Click Here for Details

Inflated Covid Death Numbers

Minnesota legislators say death numbers have been inflated Click Here for Story

Three Times More Got COVID Vaccine On Dec. 29 Than Tested Positive In Michigan

Graham Calls for $2000 Checks

In a stand alone bill Click Here for DetailsUnited Kingdom …of Nazis?

United Kingdom … of Nazis?

GLOUCESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 06: Ambulances arrive outside the Accident and Emergency department of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on January 6, 2015 in Gloucester, England. The hospital is one of a number in the UK to have declared a major incident due to high demand in itÕs A&E departments whilst …

Woman arrested for video of empty hospital?Click Here for Story

Socialism Right in Your Face

Pelosi creates panel to stop accumulation of wealth? Click Here for Details

Pennsylvania Standing Up

Members of Pennsylvania House and Senate call on McConnell and McCarthy to stand against election fraud Click Here for Details

Obama: Terrorist Funder

Obama Admin funded terror linked group Click Here for Story

Political Suicide ?

McConnell Again Thwarts Vote for $2K Relief Checks Demanded by Trump

McConnell again thwarts $2000 checks for Americans Click Here for Details

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