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Mandate Gets Knocked Down

OSHA does not have authority to push private company mandates but healthcare ? Click Here for Details

Whitmer As Bad As Cuomo?

Did Michigan Governor undercount nursing home deaths? Click Here for Story

Walls Work…But Only for Democrats

Biden building concrete wall around the White House Click Here for Story

In Obscene Video, Ferris State Professor Tells Students Final Grades Assigned Randomly

They Can Use It But Not You America

Doctor said he has prescribed Ivermectin for over 200 members of Congress Click Here for Story

The Ultimate Hypocrite

Pelosi: McCarthy has 'obligation' to help Jan. 6 investigation

Majority Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants Minority Leader McCarthy to give info and testify to January 6th committee but refuses to hand over her own records Click Here for Story

Then What IS the Point of Mandates?

California fires the unvaccinated but leaves Covid positive workers on the job Click Here for Details

More China Lockdowns

A residents undergoes a nucleic acid test for the Covid-19 coronavirus in north China's Tianjin on January 10, 2022. - China OUT (Photo by AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

IS it Covid this time or something else? Click Here for Story

Divider in Chief

Biden continues to divide Americans even worse than Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

Guess Who’s Insurance Rates Will Rise?

Biden rules will cost Insurance companies billions and who do you think will pay for it? Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

More video footage of fraud in Arizona election Click Here for Story

Ronald McDonald House Disgrace

Throw 4 year old child cancer patient and family out for not being vaccinated Click Here for Details Click Here for Story

Killing the Economy

Biden Admin shuts down even more oil production while gas prices surge hurting every American Click Here for Details

Glutton for Punishment

The Hillary America hates wants to run for President again?? Click Here for Story

Misuse of National Guard?

Was using National Guard units to lockdown the capitol illegal? Click Here for Story

Biden Projects Weakness and Russia Will Seize On That

Will we see Russian troops in Cuba and Venezuela? Click Here for Details

Biden Nominee Wants to End Independent Workers?

Contractors would get the shaft as big union nominee gets put up for Labor Department position Click Here for Details

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