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Another Win for Americans

SCOTUS rules against the EPA’s bureaucratic state Click Here for Story

Heil Biden

Joe Biden ready to go full fascist in the Democrats grab for power after SCOTUS decisions put limits on the Federal government he doesn’t like Click Here for Story

Mixed Abortion Message in Michigan

State AG won’t enforce Michigan abortion law but two county prosecutors in the state will? Click Here for Story

State’s medical officer ties school openings to COVID vaccinations

Warning comes after CDC says vaccinations won’t prevent infections Read more

Attacking Oil Again

Prices for fuel will only increase with the Biden Admin’s latest attack on the oil industry Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Ends Remain in Mexico Policy?

Finds the Biden Admin can end the Trump rule even though the border is becoming a bigger disaster every day Click Here for Story

Detroit used cemetery dirt to backfill demolished homes

‘The risk is considered low,’ so long as water didn’t seep into caskets, the city says

One State Gets It Right…

Missouri WILL require photo ID to vote Click Here for Details

The Biden Economy

Highest grocery prices in 42 years Click Here for Story

Gulag: America’s Lack of Justice

How are January 6th protesters being held without bond indefinitely? Click Here for Story

Lying Under Oath?

cassidy hutchinson testifies at a hearing by house select committee

Cassidy Hutchison may well face jail time for her televised lies while under oath in Congress? Click Here for Details

January 6th Committee Is a Partisan Scam

They never contacted the Secret Service to confirm the Hutchison testimony, turns out it was all lies Click Here for Story

Hiding History

Cornell University removes bust of President Lincoln and the Gettysburg address Click Here for Story

Star Witness Was No Such Thing

Hearsay is not permissible evidence in any court…except a political Kangaroo court like the January 6th Commission Click Here for Details

Will Belarus Join the Ukraine War?

Russia may get its ally to help bolster the effort against Ukraine Click Here for Story

Twitter Double Standard

Trump supporters banned for posting facts but threats to assassinate people by liberals is allowed on Twitter Click Here for Story

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