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AZ Hearing

What will audit results reveal? Click Here for Story

Former State Health Director Wanted ‘Credible Threat’ Of Police Lockdown Sanctions

‘People who see local violations … can contact local police’

Not Leaving

Stephen Breyer is not retiring and the liberals aren’t happy Click Here for Story

Biden Protecting Communists

More interested in attacking the GOP than abusive communist regime in Cuba Click Here for Story

Fear Mongering

Beating the Covid drum Click Here for Story

Bowing to Iran

Biden Admin is giving in to Iran on Sanctions Click Here for Details

And The Corruption Continues at the DOJ

59 of 96 phones from Mueller Probe Team are missing Click Here for Story

BLM is America’s Enemy

They fully support the Cuban Communist regime that is beating its own people and murdering them Click Here for Details

Joe Biden Is Jim Crow

John James shows Biden and the Democrat’s hypocrisy Click Here for Story

Your Money Wasted

A street in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Getty Images)

Government employees get over $800 a day in expenses while traveling? Click Here for Details

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