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Happy Birthday Zach!

The Fight for the Senate

Can the GOP retain the Senate in 2020? Click Here for Details

July 15: 1,049 New Cases, Four Deaths

Two months earlier in Michigan there were 76 coronavirus deaths

Big Tech Traitors?

American tech companies seem all to willing to being dupes to China Click Here for Details

Racism Runs Both Ways

Council member uses slurs against police officer Click Here for Details

Michigan COVID-19 Deaths Plummet

Read more

Stalin’s California

Singing is banned Click Here for Details

Racist Nick Cannon Gets Fired

Racism comes from all colors Click Here for Story

Open Border Joe

Biden’s open border plan will hurt American jobs and wages Click Here for Details

Where the Economy Goes

Down with Biden and Up with Trump Click Here for Details

McConnell Gets Good News

Kentucky’s Senate Majority Leader is doing great on fundraising Click Here for Story

Another Christian Loss

Turkey will turn Christian temple into a mosque Click Here for Details

Eat the Rich

AOC wants DeBlasio to tax billionaires more Click Here for Story


Democrat Candidate for Texas Senate seat shows her lack of education Click Here for Story

Fraudulent Conservatives

Rick Wilson squirms talking anti-Trump Super-PAC, The Lincoln ...

The Lincoln Project is anything but conservative and not very American Click Here for Story

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