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Thank the Democrats and Biden for putting the US into an official recession Click Here for Story

Violation of Rights

FBI raiding Safe Deposit Boxes and why they are trying to keep it quiet ? Click Here for Details

What is a recession?

Facing the dictionary definition of a recession, President Biden tries to change the definition

Bad Policies Are Making Things Worse

Democrats have destroyed the US economy in less than 18 months Click Here for Details

From One Liar to the Next?

Schiff's 'Parody' and Trump's Response -

Proven liar Rep Adam Schiff wants to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House? Click Here for Story

Could Senator Sinema Stop the Economic Hemorrhage?

Kyrsten Sinema - Wikipedia

Only one other Senator can now stop the economic implosion created by the Democrats Click Here for Details

Teachers wanted: Alpena schools recruit parents, community members to lead classrooms

If school system can’t fill 19 jobs, return to remote learning is possibleRead more

Go Figure…

Twitter resumes purging scientists and users who don’t push the lies and liberal narrative Click Here for Story

Abuse of Power

Biden to Name Judge Merrick Garland as Attorney General | Chicago News |  WTTW

Former Attorney General says out loud what all of America is seeing, the abuse of power against Americans and political enemies by the Democrats Click Here for Story

Manchin Folds

Senator Joe Manchin finally helps the Democrats support inflation and tax hikes Click Here for Story

Flat Out Lies

January 6th Sham Committee caught in these 8 outrageous lies Click Here for Details

Time to End the FBI

Whistleblowers are showing the outright political corruption Click Here for Details

The Dirty Bidens

New disclosures show Joe Biden WAS involved with his son’s deals around the world Click Here for Story

Have We Been Fooled on Ukraine?

Was the war started for economic reasons? Click Here for Details

Why They Still Attack Trump

Image for article: They Can't Let Him Back In

The Deep State or Bureaucratic political elite can’t have an honest outsider like Trump expose how they get rich and powerful Click Here for Story

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