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Seattle Sedition

The portion of downtown Seattle that the protesters are now occupying.

Anarchists force take over of part of downtown Seattle Click Here for Story

The Crazy Left

Leftist oeprate in a lawless manner Click Here for Story

Caught in the Middle

Michigan retailers caught between rules and customers on mask wearing Click Here for Details

It’s A Crime In Michigan To Cut Hair Without A License Even For Free

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Democrat Racists

The Democrats are the true racists Click Here for Story

Whitmer Partners State With ‘Science-Backed’ Buddhist Tradition

State constitution encourages religion but bars support for a particular sect

Short List Problems?

Kamala Harris has a fine line to walk for the VP slot Click Here for Details

Destroy History Destroy Yourself

Monuments to Washington and Jefferson are targeted? Click Here for Story

Kneeling Not Okay with Union

Police Union Boss tells officers to kneel with protesters on their own time Click Here for Story

Fear Mongering?

Wall Street reacts to more Covid 2nd wave talk Click Here for Details

Twisted Anti-Semitism

Calling Jews White Supremacists? Click Here for Details

Suing Pelosi

House GOP sues Speaker Pelosi Click Here for Details

Democrats Always Use Projection

Biden says Trump won’t leave office if unelected but isn’t that what Democrats did after 2016? Click Here for Story

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