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Trump to Detroit?

Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a Turning Point PAC town hall at Dream Ci

Republicans are coming to Detroit this weekend Click Here for Story



FEC Commissioner says New York Prosecutor Alvin Bragg overstepped his bounds in Trump case Click Here for Story

Dingbat Debbie Dingell

Maria Bartiromo schools Congresswoman Debbie Dingell Click Here for Details

Nessel to sue fossil fuel industry, but still flies over driving

Nessel’s flights cost a total of $6,202

Our Soldiers Are NOT Lab Animals

Pentagon wants to feed the troops experimental meat? Click Here for Story

China Burrows Its Claws into South America

A new Chinese controlled megaport is being built in Peru Click Here for Details

Americans Don’t Trust Our Elections…

And they shouldn’t if ID isn’t required Click Here for Story

Back Pay?

Tesla Board grants Elon Musk his pay day Click Here for Story

Wag the Dog

Should we be worried Joe Biden will gt us into a military conflict to stop his bad polling before the election? Click Here for Story

Good News in Michigan Election Court Case?

RNC is declaring victory in signature verification case in Michigan Click Here for Details

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