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Electric Cars Are Not the Answer?

Democrats tell Americans to buy high priced electric vehicles to solve the gas crisis but what about upcoming electricity shortages? Click Here for Story

The Wall Street Party is Over?

Democrats have ruined just about everything Click Here for Details

Blame Pelosi

Capitol Police knew the risks weeks before January 6th and so did Nancy Pelosi who turned Down the National Guard troops offered by Trump Click Here for Story

No Longer a Conspriacy

The looming global economic crisis is designed to enslave the populace? Click Here for Story

Michigan has lost auto jobs since Whitmer took office

Whitmer touts addition of 25,000 auto jobs, but the net number is 1,600 jobs lost

With Biden The Lying Never Stops

Fact checking Biden is a full time job Click Here for Story

Making It More Difficult to Kill Babies is a Health Crisis?

The world has become a place of insanity under Biden Click Here for Details

Return of Bibi?

Could a snap election in Israel bring Netanyahu back to power? Click Here for Story

Too Little Too Late?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell leaves after a news conference following an Open Market Committee meeting, at the Federal Reserve Board Building, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Did the Fed wait too long to fix inflation? Click Here for Story

Was It Really the Heat?

10,000 cattle killed in Kansas? Click Here for Details

Topsy Turvy

Russian consumers are now doing better than American consumers? Click Here for Story

Dirty Joe?

Joe Biden won’t answer questions on money ties between Russian oligarch he won’t sanction and his own son Hunter Biden Click Here for Story

Job Losses Coming?

Recession will bring an end to the plentiful job market Click Here for Details

When Is a Fact Check Goes Horribly Wrong…

AP uses alleged comment from a person who died two years previous? Click Here for Story

War in Ukraine Destabilizes the Surrounding Regions

Will Turkey re-invade Syria? Click Here for Story

Leave the Kids Alone

Person in medical exam room

Science rebukes transgendering children Click Here for Details

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