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Huge Win for America’s 2nd Amendment

SCOTUS says New York anti-gun law is un-Constitutional Click Here for Story

A Win for Voter ID Laws

SCOTUS says North Carolina legislature can defend voter ID laws Click Here for Story

Rochester school district under fire over transparency

Teachers union tried to interfere with FOIA responses

These Republicans Need to Be Punished at the Polls

14 US republican Senators who are leading the slippery slope to gun confiscation and abuse of your Constitutional rights Click Here for Story

No evidence for education spending claims

More money for school bureaucracies does not lead to a more educated workforceRead more

Go Woke Go Broke

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/Lucas Film/Disney

Disney’s pro-groomer stance is costing their stock half its value Click Here for Details

No Border Control

Have terrorists already crossed into the US through Biden’s open border? Click Here for Story

What Are They Not Telling Us?

More issues with Uvalde shooting and the response Click Here for Details

The Useless FBI

The protect the elite, they hurt average Americans and fail to bring real criminals to justice Click Here for Story

Liberal Insanity

Democrats are slowly destroying America with their insane policies Click Here for Story

Noro in the Canyon?

Why are Grand Canyon tourists getting sick Click Here for Story

Starship Troopers?

Pentagon wants Elon Musk to drop soldiers into conflict zones…from space? Click Here for Details

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