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Liberal Racists?

African American Senator Tim Scott being threatened by liberals for working on the Justice act? Click Here for Story

Watch for Fraud?

Michigan absentee ballots will be showing up soon Click Here for Details

23 Michigan House Democrats Buck Whitmer, Nessel On Line 5 Pipeline

Up-north residents who depend on pipeline to heat their homes are concernedRead more

Glowing New York Times Portrait Of Whitmer In Epidemic Paints Incomplete Picture

Relevant facts that challenge newspaper’s narrative left outRead more

Your Money…Government Waste

Watchdog group says government sent millions of checks to dead people? Click Here for Story

Pause the Re-Opening?

Covid spike pauses re-opening plan for Texas Click Here for Details

Rotten Apple?

New York homicides hit 5 year high Click Here for Story

BLM Threatens America

Black Lives Matter leader claims rioting and vandalism is 'the ...

Black Lives Matter leader threatens violence if America doesn’t give them what they want?Click Here for Details

Facebook Caught Red Handed

Project Veritas once again catches Facebook employees censoring conservatives and Trump supporters Click Here for Details

We Won the Cold War but Lost the Socialist War at Home

Socialists of the 60s took over our educational institutions and have been indoctrinating our youth for decades Click Here for Story

Who Predicted This Anarchy?

Jordan Peterson: Toronto stands by professor after Cambridge row ...

This guy did in 2017 Click Here for Story

Obamagate: The Smoking Gun?

Its becoming very clear who is behind all the corruption Click Here for Details

Republicans Call for Bipartisanship

Democrats are using police reform as a political tool instead of solving the problem Click Here for Story

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