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US Bouncing Back?

Incredible job numbers surprise everyone Click Here for Story

RINOs Support the Deep State

Romney supports Never Trumper Mattis Click Here for Details

Damage Already Done?

Governor Whitmer apologizes to Barbers and Stylists Click Here for Story

Michigan’s State Government Can Afford to Operate With Less Revenue

Lawmakers should avoid taking on debt or raising taxes

Liberal Stupidity

Michigan woman posts her looting on social media Click Here for Story

Michigan Sheriff: ‘We Are Not Going To Investigate’ Businesses Reopening

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Improving Policing

AG Barr vows to improve community policing Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Signals from Space? Click Here for Story

We Have the Evidence

AG Barr says they have evidence that Antifa and other groups instigated the violence Click Here for Story

Full On Stupid

Maxine Waters has really dumb thoughts on the term “rioting’ Click Here for Story

Interracial Crime

What are the facts? Click Here for Details

Violence Dishonors His Memory

George Floyd is not being honored by the thugs and violence of rioting Click Here for Details

The Unhinged Left

and the mainstream media that supports them Click Here for Details

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