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Government Taking Your Money

Government data proves 'corporate greed' isn't causing inflation, contrary  to Dem claims: economists | Fox Business

Biden wants to raise capital gains tax to almost 40% Click Here for Story

Mitch McConnell in Hospital?

How serious is the Senate Minority Leaders condition after fall Click Here for Details

Its the Interest Stupid…

America’s debt and the interest on it is going to eat up the budget Click Here for Story

SCOTUS NOT Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Justice Clarence Thomas takes a swipe at the Supreme Court for its failure to protect American’s rights Click Here for Story

Dirty Fauci?

Trump calls on Americans to stop hoarding food, supplies | WWMT

Will Anthony Fauci be implicated and investigated for Covid crimes? Click Here for Details

America Needs to Keep Up

America’s military could be falling behind in the race for military dominance? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Border Lawlessness

Judge rules Biden border policies are not legal Click Here for Story

Women Should Be Outraged

Alba Rueda, an Argentine man who "identifies" as a "woman," receives the International Women of Courage Award from first lady Jill Biden and State Antony Blinken during a ceremony Wednesday in the East Room of the White House to commemorate International Women's Day.

Biden Admin gives International Women of Courage Award…To a Man Click Here for Story

Funny If It Weren’t So Pathetic

Car jacking at protest to soften crime penalties in DC Click Here for Details

Better Get Ready

Gordon Chang says the US military should be on high alert over China Click Here for Details

Marine Could Have Saved 13 US Soldiers in Afghanistan?

Sniper Told to stand down instead of killing bomber? Click Here for Story

Russia Uses Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine?

Russia’s latest missile strikes include Hypersonic missiles Click Here for Details

So Much For That Iran Deal?

Looks like Iran could soon have 7 nuclear weapons? Click Here for Story

Wrong Priorities

Nuclear base was so focused on “diversity” it failed its own inspections Click Here for Details

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