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Will The Draft Come Back?

Generation Z is not filing the ranks of America’s All Volunteer Force Click Here for Story

Illegal Election System?

A hackable internet connected election system IS in use in several states Click Here for Details

Thank You Senator Ted Cruz…

Was Ted Cruz Right About Russia and Nord Stream 2?

Legislation proposed to stop the centralized digital currency that will control your entire life Click Here for Story

Michigan Democrat tests positive for COVID, then votes in Lansing

Third time’s the charm: A Democrat once again attends session while positive for coronavirus Read more

What IS Bragg Hiding?

Alvin Bragg responds to Republican calls for him to testify before Congress  | Washington Examiner

DA pushing a phony indictment on Trump says he want testify to Congress? Click Here for Details

Oakland County district vows to eradicate racism, then guest speaker uses ‘antisemitic rhetoric’

‘Our students are watching us,’ Bloomfield Hills superintendent says in apology letter to school district Read more

Alien Probe?

Scientist thinks meteorite that fell off of Papua New Guinea coast could be an alien probe? Click Here for Details

Bad News for Bragg

New documents put holes in District Attorney Bragg’s phony indictment Click Here for Story

All Out War With China

GOP debates what a real war with China would look like Click Here for Details

Big Win for Kari?

Kari Lake Gets Update From Supreme Court on Her Arizona Election Lawsuit

Thought the Arizona Governor’s race was over? Technically no and the Democrats are getting worried Click Here for Story

That’s Just Stupid…

Jennifer Granholm

But its Jennifer Granholm so its expected Click Here for Details

The Ties That Bind?

Russia is becoming more dependent on China? Click Here for Details

Manchin vs Biden

Once again Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is bad mouthing Biden, this time over the veto of a bi-partisan bill Click Here for Story

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