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Just Plain Embarrassing

Biden’s 1st press conference was obviously scripted and still went off the rails Click Here for Story

Poor Choice

Kamala Harris is not qualified to handle the border crisis Click Here for Details

Missing in Action

Where is this moderate deal making President? Click Here for Story

Dana Nessel Needs to Be Impeached

Abuse of Power has become the norm for Michigan’s Attorney General Click Here for Story

Michigan Residents’ 2020 Employment Income Decline Is Nation’s Eighth-Worst

Can Manchin Hold His Line?

Or will he bow to Chuck Schumer on gun control Click Here for Story

More Biden Corruption

And the Secret Service helps hide it? Click Here for Details

Massive Surge

42 million migrants want to get into the US? Click Here for Story

Not In Control

President Joe Biden puts Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of border security before a Cabinet meeting on March 24, 2021. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden turning cabinet meetings to others? Click Here for Details

Universal Background Checks Not Working…

No proof that more gun laws being pushed by Democrats actually stop mass shootings Click Here for Story

Was This Just an Accident?

Suez Canal blocked by ship jamming up world wide commerce Click Here for Details

What Weapons Are Used Most in Killings?

Its not the assault rifle Click Here for Story

Not On the Same Page

Fed chair and Treasury Secretary aren’t on the same page when describing the economy Click Here for Details

Permanent Control for Democrats

HR 1 will cause corrupt Democrats to win complete control of the government Click Here for Details

Paying Bribes to Iran

Biden Admin trying to stop investigation into payments to Iran Click Here for Story

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