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GPS Jamming Hack?

1600 planes in Europe get their GPS jammed Click Here for Story

What A Real President Does…

Donald Trump pays last respects to slain New York Police Officer Click Here for Story

Putting America Last Again

Biden Admin will put a critical mining project at risk over their woke agenda Click Here for Story

The “Uncommited” Factor

Are Democrats actually splitting this time around in the Presidential race? Click Here for Story

Senator raises concerns over constitutionality of Whitmer’s new education department

Last year, MiLeap was not ripe for constitutional review. Now it could be

The Key Bridge Conspiracy?

With so many conspiracies coming true could the conspiracy surrounding the Dali containership also have some truth? Click Here for Story

Big Name Big Hypocrisy

TDS afflicted John Stewart gets blasted for hypocrisy for doing the same thing in real estate that John Stewart himself did. Click Here for Story

Forget Biden: The Feds (the Taxpayers) Should NOT Pay for the Key Bridge Replacement

The shipping company and/or its insurance company should foot the bill not taxpayers Click Here for Details

What In The World IS Going on With P Diddy?

Federal agents stand at the entrance of Sean "Diddy" Combs' estate in Miami on Monday. Combs' home in L.A. was also searched. ((Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press))

Drug raids and sex trafficking allegations and investigations Click Here for Story

Real Racist…

Baltimore Mayor says the quiet part out loud about his thoughts on white people Click Here for Story

China Won’t Play the Climate Scam Game

China is going to keep using “fossil” fuels Click Here for Story

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