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Welcome to the World of Biden

Shortages, inflation, crisis and cyberhacks as Democrat policies make the US and the world unstable Click Here for Story

Critical Race Theory IS Racist

African American mom rips school board for using KKK tactics by instituting Critical Race Theory Click Here for Story

School District’s Use Of Sign-Waving Children To Electioneer For Tax Hike Probably Not Illegal

District silent so far on whether teachers and students were taken out of class for this

Maricopa Hiding

County deleted entire 2020 voting database Click Here for Story

Michigan Teachers Union Video Disses Profession, Misinforms On Pay

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Ransom Paid!

Colonial paid ransom to hackers? Click Here for Story

Outing Stacy

Black community leaders and entrepreneurs slam Stacy Abrams Click Here for Story


Double standard and Privileges for the vaccinated? Click Here for Story

Shadow Presidents

Is Biden Admin being run by the staff and cabinet? Click Here for Details

Communists Among Us

Tech Giants and Democrats to attend Chinese Communist Event Click Here for Story

WAPO Propaganda

The Washington Post’s attack on Josh Hawley is an attack on all conservatives Click Here for Story

Conflicting Messages?

Even John Kerry says the pipelines the Biden Admin is canceling are the best way to move oil Click Here for Story

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