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Adam Schiff: Confirmed Liar

Of all the politicians guilty of lying about Trump Congressman Adam Schiff is the most brazenly no confirmed liar Click Here for Story

Democrats Running Scared…

Weaponization hearings are making the Democrats incredibly nervous Click Here for Details

Secret Meeting of the World Elite

Still think its a crazy conspiracy? Click Here for Story

Michigan Senate passes bill to make Juneteenth a state holiday

Similar House bill sits in committee

The Insanity of Reparations

Congresswoman pushes a $14 trillion dollar reparations package? Click Here for Story

Traverse City energy customers may be liable for ballooning broadband costs

A federal loan program meant to lower rural utility rates would have the opposite effect on northern Michigan cityRead more


With the US close to bankruptcy the Democrats are telling Biden not to cut spending. Are they insane or just power hungry to spend American taxpayers into oblivion Click Here for Story

Biden Border Policies Is Killing Children

2nd child this month dies in custody of Biden’s DHS Click Here for Details

So Dirty They Can’t Be Reformed…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has become so corrupt and politicized it cannot be reformed but needs to be disbanded Click Here for Story

The Green Doldrums?

No Sun no Wind…how can green energy grid states actually produce energy? Click Here for Details

Adam Schiff Needs to Be Expelled

Congressman blatantly lied to the Media, the American people and his colleagues he should be expelled from Congress Click Here for Story

Went Woke, Going Broke…

Bud Light sales may be beyond repair Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice…

From judges to prosecutors the justice system is rigged against conservatives and lets Democrats off the hook Click Here for Story

The Problem With Pot

There are some very serious problems with the increase in marijuana use in young American men Click Here for Details

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