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Will Kemp Beat Perdue?

Can the Trump endorsement help Perdue overcome big odds? Click Here for Story

Will Detroit Schools Ever Unmask?

Easter came and went, but the mandate lives on

SCOTUS Leaker IS Known?

The liberal justices for sure know the identity Click Here for Story

At-Risk Funding Favors Poorer Communities

Pols make equity claims that are contradicted by the numbers Read more

Utterly Ridiculous

Democrats are losing their minds over their upcoming losses in elections because of stupid Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Is The Steal on In Pennsylvania?

Why the 3rd world counting issues and delays? Click Here for Details

The Results of Wide Open Borders

Huge drug bust in South Carolina Click Here for Details

Biden’s Destructive Economy

Skyrocketing diesel prices mean food shortages and inflation due to Biden and the Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Bush’s Freudian Slip?

Calls Iraq invasion unjustified? Click Here for Details

The Death of Freedom Starts in EU?

More lockdowns this time due to fuel shortages? Click Here for Story

The Real Enemy

China staging mock attacks on US Navy Click Here for Details


Democrat witness says men can get pregnant and have babies? Click Here for Story

2000 Mules Makes the News…Finally

Local station defies odds and corporate bans to show true evidence of the election steal Click Here for Details

Treasonous Bastard?

DHS Secretary is leaving America undefended and exposed Click Here for Story

Helping or Hurting?

Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP, File)

The Fed says it will act to stop inflation but will they really? Click Here for Details

Exactly What’s Wrong with Universities

Most graduation speakers like the professors and curriculum are liberal Click Here for Story

Failure to Launch

Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” collapses before it can launch Click Here for Details

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