The News YOU Need to Know Friday May 26, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden’s Shutdown

Voter’s will blame Biden for a possible ceiling debt shutdown Click Here for Story

Smoking Gun

Proof of Biden pay for play Click Here for Story

Iranian Threats

IS war getting close in the Middle East Click Here for Details

U.S. House disapproves Biden’s student loan pause

Michigan delegation supports pause in party-line vote.

Benton Harbor pension system only 39% funded

State law requires 60% funding; Benton Harbor has been on a corrective action plan for years Read more

Arrest Soros Now

Who is George Soros and why is he blamed in so many right-wing conspiracy  theories? - CBS News

The new world order George Soros wants is not good for America Click Here for Story

Pushback on the EPA

SCOTUS rules against EPA on Wetland overreach Click Here for Story

Debt Ceiling Update

Latest on negotiations Click Here for Story

DeSantis Launches

Governor opens campaign for POTUS Click Here for Details

Trump and RFK Have Something in Common

Trump encarga a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revisar la seguridad de las vacunas |  Comité Asesor de Vacunas de la AEP

They both know the Democrats and deep state are cheating in US elections Click Here for Story

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