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Facebook Afraid of the Truth?

Was censoring posts about Covid being altered in Chinese lab? Click Here for Story

Hunter’s Problems Hidden by Intel Agencies

The Deep State hid Hunter Biden’s problems from the public and the law? Click Here for Story

Media Covered for China?

Called talk of Wuhan lab leak a conspiracy but its not looking like a conspiracy anymore? Click Here for Details

It’s Made No Biofuel For Six Years, But Feds Still Pumping This Granholm Energy Handout

State-taxpayer subsidized ‘alternative energy capital of the world’ project now making molasses to feed livestock

Newsom Was Just Plain Wrong

Court order Governor Newsom to pay for closing churches Click Here for Details

Studies Can’t Prove Lockdowns Didn’t Work – Or That They Did

Did the costs outweigh than the benefits?Read more

Becoming Republican?

Florida Governor says his residents coming in from other states are registering as Republicans not Democrats Click Here for Details

Back to Dependency

The US is no longer exporting more oil than it takes in ? Click Here for Story

No More Mass Mailing of Ballots

Arizona legislature says not to mass mailing of ballots Click Here for Details

Stop the Gain of Function Research

Senate votes to stop government funding of Gain of Function in viruses Click Here for Details

Biden Goes Anti-American Again

Will stop American mining for battery components and outsource to other countries? Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice?

Will Hunter Biden be prosecuted for breaking gun law? Click Here for Details

Forcing Covid Vaccination Compliance?

Some colleges will force students to get vaccine before attending in the fall Click Here for Details

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